After their parents died, brothers Hank, Bill, and Dick Drew, along with their sister, Mary Drew McKeone, decided to honor their memory by using the estate that was left to them to establish a foundation in their parents’ names. “We had great parents – great role models – who did so much for us. Using what they left us to continue their work of helping those less fortunate felt like the right thing to do. We wanted to make sure that even after we are gone, our family foundation, and its influence, would live on in perpetuity. We were excited to discover how we could involve our family’s younger generations in grant-making decisions. Henry and Connie’s great, great grandchildren continue their tradition of giving. By choosing the charities they want to help every year, all the kids have learned to think more about the different life circumstances that people in need face, and how they can help. Giving together as a family has kept us in touch with each other and with the community. We hope it continues to do so for generations to come.”

The Drew siblings turned to the Community Foundation of Buffalo to establish their Foundation.

If you would like to make a donation.  Please make checks payable to Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo and forward it to:

Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo
Attn:  Henry & Constance Drew Family Foundation